Covid: Surge vaccinations could be used to tackle Indian variant

The government wants to consider "all options" to deal with the rise of the Covid variant, No 10 says. more

How viral pianist with dementia is helping others

When Paul Harvey's piano playing went viral, it inspired a donation of £1 million to charity. more

The NHS Covid legacy – long waits and lives at risk

One in four hospitals sees long waits balloon, as NHS warned backlog will take years to tackle. more

Covid vaccine: Period changes could be a harmless side effect

Stories of genuine experiences shared online have been followed by a wave of anti-vaccine disinformation. more

MDMA could help trauma survivors face painful memories

Usually thought of as a party drug, a trial suggests it helps people with post-traumatic stress disorder. more

Covid: The race to vaccinate the world

What happens when vaccines are slow to arrive - and what it means for ending lockdowns. more

Covid vaccines: Mixing increases reports of mild side-effects

Researchers are still analysing whether injecting two different vaccines leads to better protection. more

Ovarian cancer: Setback as major screening trial fails to save lives

Hugely disappointing results mean ovarian-cancer screening remains more than a decade away. more

Ruthie Henshall: Lack of visits ‘took her down so quickly’ in care home

Actress Ruthie Henshall pays tribute to her mother Gloria, who died in a care home on Tuesday. more

Covid jabs offer to 38 and 39-year-olds in England

Pregnant women will be directed to centres offering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines when booking. more

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