Pharmacy Dispenser (Night Shift) |Negotiable
Pharma & Science

Pharmacy Checker (Night Shift)

Location: Northampton
Salary: £20,800 + Shift allowance (£4,000)
Hours: 10pm-6am
Job Type: Permanent


* To carry out 100% checks on all ancillaries picked for accuracy in product code, product description, batch, expiry date and quantity required.
* To ensure that on home patient orders, patient labels (pharmacy labels) are correct and have been applied to every box of product and one to the box of ancillary products. Name on the pharmacy labels matches the name on the dispatch label. As per Pharmacy checkers labeling process.


* To record patient names, order numbers, picker’s initials and checker name on the Renal Checking Form in preparation for the pharmacist check. When the accuracy check of the ancillaries has been completed the Renal Checking Form is passed to the pharmacist for a final check.
* Work closely with the operational warehouse team under the supervision of the Responsible Pharmacist in order to correct picking errors at the time of detection and to also inform duty pharmacists where necessary. If an error is detected, enter details on the Renal Error Record Form.
* To ensure that error logs are completed and maintained. In addition produce key performance indicators (KPI) in order to ensure high quality performance is being maintained.
* All orders must be checked in a timely manner to ensure that they meet scheduled deliveries.
* To ensure that the Responsible Pharmacist notice to all pharmacy staff is followed in the Responsible Pharmacists absence.
* To perform additional duties appointed by the managers related with the management of the checkers team, including printing labels, checking forms, and requesting stationary material.
* To undertake Risk Assessments under the supervision of a Pharmacist.
* To undertake the end of year prescription archiving process under the supervision of a pharmacist. This includes the quarantine of prescriptions that are scheduled for destruction.
* To undertake additional duties as directed by the warehouse operation and the duty pharmacists. That would include the picking of medical products, preparing cardboard boxes, wrapping pallets and preparing reports as required.
* Support the Good Documentation Practice (GDP) and Good Warehouse Practice (GWP) programs at UK warehouses in order to ensure appropriate product storage.
* To match faxed prescriptions with original prescriptions received as per pharmacy checkers prescription filing process.
* To maintain and file prescriptions in customer patient folders under the supervision of the pharmacists on duty.
* Ensure that prescriptions and pharmacists checking forms have been kept for the duration of the legal duration and assures patient and customer confidentiality.
* Conform to all applicable Standard Operating Procedures for Pharmacy and operating practices.
* Conform to all the company policies regarding EHS, Quality and Validation.
* Conform to the company Code of Conduct.
* Attend regular communication, awareness and training sessions, either given by your line manager, pharmacist(s) on duty, the Responsible Pharmacist or via other presentations.


* Accurate and methodical – good eye for detail
* Computer literate
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
* Experience within a Pharmacy/Healthcare environment
* NVQ level 2 Dispenser

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