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Community Relations Manager

Additional Information

Location: Barnet

Salary: £25,000 + Commission

Hours: Full time

Job Type: Permanent


  • To maintain skills at a current level, and undertake such training and development as may from time-to-time be required to maintain practices as up-to-date.
  • To keep Home Care Preferred on or ahead of budget, keep average fees at or ahead of budget, market the business to ensure adequate lead flow, manage enquiries, and work with the Care Manager to organize assessments and plan services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Deal with incoming enquiries in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring that they are comprehensively supported and enjoy the best customer experience.
  • Taking all prospective clients’ details on a Home Care Preferred enquiry form or inputting directly to the CRM. Although other team members take enquiries the quality of the information remains your responsibility, all CRM entries are to be comprehensive, accurately recorded and supplied at weekly sales meetings.
  • Making appointments with all enquiries, ensuring that the prospect is fully advised of all services available, ensuring 100% contact rate unless otherwise requested. Any introductory visits completed in your absence are to be carried out by a fully trained colleague.
  • Keeping CRM database up to date and following all enquiries through to the point of service starting or lost sale.
  • Ensuring that there is a next step in place for every enquiry and delivering that step.
  • Keeping in contact with stake holders for referrals such as Health Care Professionals, networking groups, local community groups.
  • Organising and attending events to promote the Home Care Preferred brand, briefing PR consultants on events and monitoring results, entering Home Care Preferred to appropriate awards.

Key Tasks and Duties – Reporting

  • Ensuring that all weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that you are required to complete are done so accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Ensure that the Care Manager has all the information required so they can also produce accurate and timely reports
  • Ensure that the CRM software is continuously maintained ensuring that every prospect has comprehensive and detailed notes describing every single interaction that the company has with them.
  • Maintaining an accurate awareness of all warm and hot leads so that you can forecast sales figures and likely new service rates, taking into account lost clients, predictable enquiry reductions (ie holiday periods) and any other relevant factors.
  • Keeping the Care Manager informed of predicted new client levels allowing for effective operational planning such as staffing requirements.

Key Tasks and Duties – Marketing

  • Following an effective Marketing Plan for the company.
  • Keeping in touch with stake holders and other relevant health care professionals for referrals.
  • Ensuring that the Home Care Preferred offices are well presented to have the maximum impact with prospects and referrers at meetings.
  • Taking control as directed of the positioning and quality of all marketing material including the website.
  • Keeping a watching brief on all websites to ensure that they are up to date and presenting Home Care Preferred in the best possible light, with any errors identified and changed.
  • Working closely with the Care Manager and the Managing Director to ensure that activities are at the heart of all marketing, and that effective internal and external publicity is achieved within the Home Care Preferred brand guidelines.
  • New client levels are either on or ahead of budget.
  • The weekly fee income is either on or ahead of budget.
  • All weekly KPI.s as directed to complete are in line with agreed targets.
  • All sales and marketing audits are positive.

Skills and Experience

A background in Sales/Marketing/Media is essential

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