Quick to act

The maid-of-honour's life was saved by her two cousins, who had just learned how to do CPR. ...read more

Drawing identity

Twenty years after Bethlem Hospital founded a gallery the artists reveal how their mental health influenced their work. ...read more

Children’s door-crush finger injuries ‘can be lifelong’

Plastic surgeons say parents should fit safety catches on doors at home to prevent serious injury. ...read more

Pregabalin: Spending on ‘new valium’ greater in north

A charity says prescribers of pregabalin need to be vigilant about a drug that was linked to 111 deaths in a year. ...read more

Medicines research warning over Brexit

Britain risks losing its position in research and drug development without clarity, a research leader warns. ...read more

Men and miscarriage

Researchers think half of unexplained miscarriages could be linked to the man's health and have possibly found a treatment. ...read more

Are men forgotten after miscarriages?

One in four couples who discover they are pregnant have a miscarriage, but some men feel they are often forgotten about in terms of emotional support. ...read more

How to talk about sex

Social media and the ease of access to explicit material on the web means the tricky topic of sex is even more of a minefield for parents. ...read more

No laughing matter

Following a brutal assault Paul Pugh was left with pathological laughter - a condition which causes him to laugh at the most inappropriate moments. ...read more

The origami-inspired bots that could perform surgery

Researchers at MIT have developed miniature bots that can fold into a number of different shapes. ...read more

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